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This Is My Approach To Fashion In My Late 30s

Your idea of fashion certainly changes over time, not just with the trends but also your age. I'll never forget when I was younger, my sister and I got these nylon windbreaker outfits, and we wanted to wear them every day. It was so funny. I remember the tight-rolled jeans and the silk shirts. There were quite a few 90s fashions that now seem quite funny.

Nowadays, in my 30s, fashion is of course a little different, and it is 2017. What is trending in the fashion world right now? To be honest, I could care less. The reason is because I wear whatever it is I see and like, and to a degree, we all do. Just some people pay more attention to trends and looking like everyone else.

Here lately, I haven't had the money to approach fashion from almost any angle. That happens to a lot of us when there are bills to pay. But I'm planning a big trip to the outlet mall. So I will tell you where fashion begins with me. It begins at the Nike Store, and it has been way too long. I need to get back there soon, and I want to go to a bunch of other stores, too.

What is your approach to fashion? In many ways, we are all fashion seekers because we have to wear what companies put out as their current clothing lines. Of course, you can always score some vintage clothing, if you are in high school. That was a joke, but seriously, the thing to do is to wear what you are comfortable with and sometimes as fashion trends change, it takes a little trial and error. How many clothing items have you bought before that ended up being worn only once or twice?